Remember the February 2003 Crow Shoot in Auburn, NY?

Support New York State legislation A7985 (Assembly) and S4174 (Senate) to prohibit killing wildlife for kicks and cash.

Animal killing contests are competitions in which the winner is the person or team that kills the most animals and wins a money or prizes. Currently these contests are legal, since they are conducted during hunting season on animals that may be killed in unlimited numbers. Due to their competitiveness and party-like atmosphere, these contests result in abnormally high amounts of animals killed and injured. These contests are often held under the guise of population or nuisance control, but accomplish neither. They are simply an excuse for wanton animal slaughter. For permanent and peaceful results, a combination of education and non-lethal methods are the best solution.

Call or write your representatives in Albany and let them know you are against wildlife killing contests and you want them to pass the proposed legislation. Be sure to give them your name and address and ask for a response. Stress to them that you do not want this kind of message of violence to your children and your community.


Senator Carl Marcellino,
Co-Sponsor, Chair,
Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
LOB 812
Albany, NY 12247

Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli, Chair
Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee LOB 625
Albany, NY, 12248

Ask your state representatives to use their influence to pass these bills successfully by June, 2003. They would make it unlawful to hold contests whose objective is to kill the greatest number of animals. Ethical hunters along with non-hunters condemn these contests as massacres, not hunts.

Co-Sponsor: Assemblymember Deborah Glick
LOB 844
Albany, NY 12248

54th District Senator Michael Nozzolio
LOB 409
Albany, NY, 12247
518-455-2366 or 315-568-9816

Contact Senator Nozzolio (or your local representative) and ask him to support the bill.Please act quickly. It is important for your legislators to know they have your support before they go in to vote.

[Forwarded by Rita Sarnicola,]


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