C.A.S.H. Mission Statement
from C.A.S.H. Committee To Abolish Sport Hunting

The mission of C.A.S.H. – Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting – is to accomplish what its name says in the shortest possible time.

Understanding that abolishing hunting entails a process, a series of steps taken and not a single action that would effect our goal overnight, a time frame cannot be established.

We hope for building a succession of wins, and if not wins immediately then at least a succession of stirrings of consciousness. We hope to encourage those who are still silent to speak out, awakening community after community about the heavy hand of state and federal wildlife management agencies.

We hope to alter whatever belief still exists that sport hunters are conservationists and champions of the environment to a realization that they are destroyers of wildlife and ecosystems in the narrow and broad sense.

Where the natural feeling for wildlife doesn’t exist, we strive to engender among citizens outrage that their own rights are violated by legal hunting and that their quality-of-life diminished.

Luke A. Dommer was the founder of the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting. He was its president from 1976 until his passing in August 1992. Mr. Dommer’s research and publications served as the foundation for the anti-hunting movement. He remains, through this organization, an invaluable and dedicated warrior in the battle to save wild animals, the environment, and general public from the silent economy that encourages and preys on the passion of a few to kill the wildlife that belongs to all.


Jim Robertson, C.A.S.H.’s president since fall of 2017, is a wildlife photographer and self-taught naturalist whose habitat is the mountains of Western North America. Living among the likes of elk, wolves and bears has led to a keen awareness of animals as individuals. Yet, with wildlife habitat comes the depraved concept of “sportsmen’s paradise” and the wanton evils of hunting. The painful loss of some of his cherished animal neighbors has triggered an evolution from outspoken animal advocate to all out anti-hunter. Jim is the author of Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport.



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