May 14, 2014


Wyoming – On April 28, Prairie Whiteface of Gillette pleaded guilty to poaching two elk, one in 2011 and one in 2013, without the use of a proper license. Both violations occurred on a private ranch near the Powder River, about 30 miles east of Buffalo.

Whiteface used licenses that were not issued in her name to hunt the two elk. Whiteface has been fined $19,500 and will lose hunting privileges in Wyoming and 37 other states that are members of the Wildlife Violators Compact, for three years.

In 2009 Whiteface’s license was illegally transferred to a Texas man and was used to harvest a buck mule deer. The Texas man was fined $780 and forced to forfeit the deer.

Residential hunting licenses are far less expensive than nonresidential licenses, often costing one-tenth the price. Hunters often illegally lend or sell their licenses to nonresidents for cheaper hunting.


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