January 18, 2015

From OilCityWYO.com

(Cody, Wyo.) —In three separate court appearances last November (2014), Jacob Adkins, 19, received approximately $2500.00 in fines, eight years suspension of hunting, fishing and trapping privileges, and a 180 day jail sentence for multiple wildlife violations.

In Bighorn County Court Adkins pleaded guilty to taking two deer during a closed season. In Park County Court he pleaded guilty to taking a deer in a closed area and failure to tag. For these violations, Adkins was fined $1500 and lost his hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for five years.

In a separate appearance in Bighorn County Court on Nov. 26, Adkins pleaded guilty to purchasing furs without a fur dealers license. Adkins received a maximum sentence for a low misdemeanor which included a $1040.00 fine, a 180 day jail sentence, and an additional three years suspension of hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges.


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