July 17, 2014

From SundanceTimes.com

Eight people associated with Devils Tower business Whitetail Creek Outfitters (Bradley Greba, Timothy Freed, Richard Lemay, Wade Spracher, Michael Brooks, James Schump, Ronald Mummert and Kimmel Evans) will appear in Crook County Circuit Court to address more than 100 alleged violations of Wyoming statutes, from unlicensed activities to using unauthorized equipment while hunting.

Among the statutes that were allegedly violated are several counts of acting as a professional guide without a license.

People associated with the business also stand accused of failing to report violations of federal and state laws and regulations and taking trophy game animals without license or during a closed season.

They allegedly also took furbearing animals without a license. Finally, a number of alleged violations are associated with the outfitters transporting Wyoming game outside the state without an accompanying game tag.


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