December 9, 2014


WAUPUN – Waupun Police Chief Dale Heeringa said police were called to the Waupun Community Center, 510 E. Spring St., at 2:24 p.m. Nov. 29 for a report that a bullet penetrated the steel wall of the building and was lodged in the glass atop the rink boards.

“The bullet penetrated both the inside and outside section of metal siding, traveled across the rink and impacted one of the clear glass panels on the south side of the building, causing the glass to spiderweb out,” Heeringa said.

Heeringa said police interviewed a party of deer hunters who were hunting on property just north of the Community Center. The incident occurred on the last weekend of gun deer hunting season. “After our questioning the group, we’re not sure if it was intentional or a hunting accident,” Heeringa said.
“Right now there’s no evidence to charge anyone.”

“I spoke with Warden Paul Nell who noted that deer hunters get so caught up in the moment while they’re hunting and get tunnel vision; they just focus solely on that deer and throw all caution to the wind,” Heeringa said. “When that happens, bad things can happen.”


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