A10-year-old hunter was shot in the forearm Saturday during a group hunt in Westmoreland County, according to the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources.

The youngster was reported to be in stable condition with non-life-threatening wounds.

According to DWR, the child was struck by a single pellet of buckshot fired by a “very experienced hunter” about 130 yards away. The shooting occurred during a drive hunt that involved using dogs trained to chase deer.

The incident took place on property that featured tall cutover, typical of a property that had been logged in recent years.

According to DWR, an investigation into the shooting is continuing and the case will be referred to local prosecutors to determine whether charges should be filed.

Saturday was one of two early “either-sex” hunting days in the Northern Neck, days during which hunters can legally shoot both buck and doe white-tailed deer. Such days, especially early in the season, typically see hunt clubs out pursuing deer.

Either-sex hunting days can vary by county, with some counties offering them all season long with others limited based upon estimated deer populations. The next either-sex hunting period for the Northern Neck begins Dec. 21 and runs until the season ends Jan. 2.


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