A Draper man’s Saturday hunting trip turned into a medical emergency, prompting West Millard emergency personnel to help him off a local mountain.

According to Kevin Bogue, West Millard Posse commander, Brenden Laws, 33, fell and broke his leg in two places around 10 a.m., while elk hunting north of Fool Creek.

“We had four guys hike up to him, and they built a splint out of their walking sticks,” Bogue said. “We called DPS for a helicopter and they came and picked him up. It turned out good.”

Posse members had to climb a mile into vertical, treacherous territory to reach Laws, where they were able to administer emergency aid.

“It was just straight up, rocky and oak infested,” Bogue said.

The Utah Department of Public Safety sent a helicopter to assist in moving Laws down the mountain to a waiting ambulance.

He was transported to the Delta Community Hospital for initial treatment before being taken to a northern Utah facility.

Laws sustained injury after losing his footing, ending in a break beneath his knee and above his ankle. A family member headed down the mountain and called for help once in cell phone range.

“His brother hiked down and called dispatch around eleven,” Bogue said.

It took crews two and a half hours to remove Laws from the area. Bogue said he was impressed with the ingenuity and response of the posse members.

“It could have turned out a lot worse,” Bogue said. “I was so impressed with my guys and their splint system. It kept his leg stable, and he wasn’t bleeding internally, luckily.”


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