February 17, 2015

From MyHighPlains.com

AUSTIN — The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports.

A Titus County game warden located a juvenile suspect who happened to be driving without a license and pulling a trailer with a large hog in it. He claimed he had been hunting all morning with four of his friends. The warden issued four citations for hunting without licenses, two citations for no Hunter Education certification and a warning for driving without a driver’s license. Later that evening, the juvenile contacted the warden and gave the names of the two juveniles who shot the geese and left them. The warden issued citations and civil restitution.

A Henderson County game warden received a call from the Chandler Police Department stating a caller witnessed a person run over a white-tailed doe in a neighborhood, and then threw the deer carcass in the bed of his truck and sped off. When the warden interviewed the truck owner, the owner admitted to running over the doe for “free meat.”

A Zavala County game warden walked into a dark camp one night and found an 11-point buck hanging from a skinning rack and a doe strapped over an ATV, both untagged. One of the hunters at the camp admitted to not purchasing a valid Texas hunting license. The warden noticed the hunter acting overly nervous and after a brief search of the hunter’s ATV, the warden found a small container of marijuana and a pipe, as well as a meth pipe and a baggie of crystal meth. Both deer were seized and the hunter was taken to the Zavala County jail and booked for misdemeanor and felony charges.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office arrested a subject for felony possession of a stolen shotgun. The original call regarded shots fired on a road close to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department headquarters. The subject was hunting mourning dove out of season with an unplugged stolen shotgun, shooting directly over a fence into the neighbor’s agricultural field. Large amounts of feathers and crushed beer cans littered the immediate area from heavy usage over time. The closed season outlaw did not have Hunters Education certification, a hunting license or any endorsements or stamps.


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