Two Bell County men who were seen shooting at game from a boat on Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir ended up with stiff fines after game wardens cited them for more than 20 violations.

A Bell County game warden was notified by a man fishing on Stillhouse Hollow that he’d seen the two men in the boat shooting at ducks.

The warden, assisted by another, located the two men as they were leaving a boat ramp parking lot and stopped them.

“Upon further inspection, the individuals had more than 20 violations and had killed two buzzards along with three coots,” a news release issued by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department says.

“Some of the violations included no hunting license, utilizing lead shot, rally and disturb, hunt from a watercraft and no migratory duck stamp, just to name a few,” according to the release.

Dog drags a deer head home

In Limestone County a game warden received a report from a landowner who was concerned after he found an undersized white-tailed buck deer head lying on his front porch.

Investigation indicated the man’s dog had dragged the deer head from a neighbor’s home.

“The warden spoke to the neighbor and found the man who harvested the undersized buck,” the release said.

“The man admitted he knew he made a mistake but was afraid to call the game warden because he didn’t want to get in trouble.”

The warden filed several cases including taking an illegal buck under 13 inches, untagged deer and a harvest log violation, the report showed.


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