A teenager was injured after he fell down an embankment while squirrel hunting.

It happened near Old King Hollow Road. He was rescued Saturday evening by firefighters and emergency personnel who used ropes to get to the juvenile. According to firefighters, the teen was air-lifted to a local hospital. He’s expected to make a full recovery.

“Any time you go out in the woods, there’s the possibility that something could happen,” Barry Cross said, “It’s probably a good idea to always make sure that you let somebody know where you’re going, so that if you don’t come back at a certain time, they know to come looking for ya.”

Barry Cross work at the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. He said hunters should take safety precautions during small game hunting season. It’s popular right now because deer hunting season is coming to an end, and the trees have no foliage.

“It’s a great pastime if you like to get out and be with your friends and enjoy a hunt,” Cross said, “It’s always a good idea to have some form of communication when you go out in the woods, whether that be a phone, or a radio, that you communicate with to somebody else that’s in the woods with ya.”

Cross also advises hunters to dress appropriately, and pack provisions, in case something goes awry.

Cross said, “Every time you get out there you know something could happen, so be safe, make sure you take all the precautions you can, and have fun.”

Small game hunting seasons goes until the end of February.


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