December 10, 2014


Five men were charged with illegal deer hunting at night on both public and private lands last Sunday evening.

The men had allegedly been spotlighting deer, shooting from a public road and shooting from a vehicle on Providence Road, partially on private land and partially on Industrial Development land. When apprehended, the men had two eight-point bucks in a truck, one of which was still alive and thrashing around.

All five men were charged with two counts of hunting from a motor vehicle, two counts of hunting from or across a public road, two counts of spotlighting deer and two counts of hunting without permission.

Charged were David William Floyd, 23; Donnie Ralph Laing, 34; Michael Claude Bobineaux, 30; Paul Edmund Gabourel, 43; and Christopher Cornes, 41. Floyd, Laing and Bobineaux were released on $4,300 bond each; and Gabourel and Cornes were released on $4,500 bond.


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