1. Please contact the attorney’s office prosecuting the case.

Urge that these three violent teenagers be tried as adults, that every applicable felony charge (and additional misdemeanor charges) be levied, and that maximum jail time and fines be sought. A diversionary program must NOT be considered. In addition, there should be mandatory psychological counseling, not just for these violent offenders, but for their families, as well. And there must be a lifetime prohibition against harboring or working with animals. Any animals in their homes should be removed and re-homed.


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2. Since this is an Associated Press story, send letters to your local papers that run it.


From: Natalie

Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 7:24 PM

Subject: 3 Minnesota teens charged with killing deer with bat, screwdriver

3 teens charged with killing deer with bat, screwdriver

MANKATO – Three teenagers are facing felony charges in Nicollet County after they allegedly killed a deer with a baseball bat and a screwdriver, then grilled up chunks of meat from the animal.

Authorities say the three high school students from the Twin Cities metro area were staying at a family cabin on Swan Lake on March 19. Officers responding to a complaint about a loud muffler found a pickup truck and one of the teens covered in blood.

According to a criminal complaint, the teens told police they accidentally hit the deer with the truck but didn’t kill it. They said one of them tried to choke the deer, but when that didn’t work they beat it with a bat and stabbed it with a screwdriver.

But a Department of Natural Resources investigator inspected the scene and said there was no indication the deer was hit by a truck.

All three are facing felony charges of torturing an animal, as well as misdemeanor drinking and wild game violations.



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