21 days left until the bear slaughter begins in NJ

Monday, November 14, 2005 – Two Actions for the Bears

1) Call Acting Governor Richard Codey: 609-292-6000
Let him know you do not want a bear hunt and that you want him to see that DEP Commissioner Campbell does not sign off on the comprehensive plan which incorporates 5 years of bear hunting. Try to stay on the phone as long as possible to talk about bears and why you want them protected.


2) Write a quick, short letter to the editor of your local paper (choose from those below). See points below to give you ideas. We suggest making it short and to the point, only a few sentences. Shorter letters are more likely to be printed. Include your name and phone number for verification purposes.

Asbury Park Press 

Atlantic City Press 

Bergen Record 

Bridgeton News>

Burlington County Times

Courier News

Courier Post

Daily Journal

Daily Record

Gloucester County Times

Home News Tribune

Jersey Journal

New Jersey Herald

Ocean County Observer

Star Ledger

Today’s Sunbeam

Trenton Times


Express Times

Philadelphia Inquirer

Sample points for a letter:

~ I join with the majority of NJ residents who oppose a proposed hunt for black bears.

~ I urge readers to call Acting Governor Richard Codey at 609-292-6000 and let him know you do not want a bear hunt and that you want him to see that DEP Commissioner Campbell does not sign off on the comprehensive plan which incorporates 5 years of bear hunting.

~ The Supreme Court stopped the hunt in 2004 because the science did not justify a hunt. There is still no science to support a hunt or prove a hunt will resolve any bear issues.

~ Hunting does not address nuisance concerns. States with bear hunts experience rising complaints. A report by Dr. Edward Tavss, a Rutgers scientist, proves this. Visit:

~ Public education, garbage control and aversive conditioning are the best means to address any and all concerns about bears.

~ If you spoke at the bear hearing on September 21, you can modify your talk to become a letter to the editor.

~ With roughly 2.2 million people living in bear country, a few hundred complaints is very low, especially when they are mostly related to garbage issues. Most people are living among bears in harmony.

~ Bear hunts are recreational trophy hunts being sold as public safety. Don’t buy it. The top issues affecting New Jersey are wages, property tax, health care, war, education, corruption, homeland security, economy, and the environment. The public also wants the bears protected.

~ The Division of Fish and Wildlife should not be moving bears all over the state, especially in areas where bears do not usually frequent. They are doing this to induce fear and get support for a bear hunt.


Bear Hunt Protest

Saturday, November 19, 2005

12:00 noon – 2:00 pm

Intersection of Canistear Road and Route 23

West Milford, NJ

Please join The Bear Education and Resource Group in a protest against the proposed bear hunt! Route 23 in West Milford is where an injured cub crawled onto the road and died in front of grieving motorists during the 2003 bear hunt.

The proposed hunt is scheduled to start on Monday, December 5, 2005.

The Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection, Bradley Campbell, is now considering the Council’s proposed hunt. Let’s show Campbell and all of our state legislators and officials that New Jersey does not want a trophy bear hunt! If the hunt is cancelled before November 19, we will gather at the same time and place for a victory rally!

Directions: From Route 287 in either direction, take Route 23 north for approximately 13 miles to Canistear Road. A map is available at

Please bring signs and speak out for the bears!


Contact Us

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting / C.A.S.H.
P.O. Box 562
New Paltz, NY 12561