South Dakota woman and her dog were injured on Friday after reportedly getting snared in an animal trap while hiking in the Black Hills National Forest.

Dede Farrar and her dog Tiger were nearing the end of their hike when she heard her pup yelping in pain. Farrar ran over and realized Tiger’s paw was stuck in the trap, so she attempted to pry it open.

“I’m not experienced with traps so I immediately did what I could to pry the jaws loose from Tiger’s front paw,” Farrar wrote on Facebook. “Then my fingers were caught and I screamed, ‘God help me! God help me!’ At the top of my lungs. I was trapped. My fingers hurt so bad. Then clarity came and I saw how to push the lever down to release myself.

An avid hiker, Farrar said Tiger didn’t wander from the trail when they were caught in the vice grip — in what she called a “traumatic experience.”

“We weren’t tromping off the trail. There shouldn’t be a trap that is a footstep off of a trail,” Farrar told KOTA TV. “It was a terrible, traumatic experience. One that I wasn’t expecting. Especially being on this trail that is popular.”

After they were freed, the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks said she needed to return the trap to the spot where they were injured because it was someone else’s property, according to the outlet. They said because it was on public land, people can place traps wherever they want.


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