January 2, 2014

From SCNow.com

FLORENCE, S.C. — An 8-year-old boy who was injured Wednesday in a hunting accident in Florence County is recovering in a local hospital after surgery.

The accident happened off of Highway 301, near Olanta.

The boy had been accidentally shot by his father while the two were deer hunting in the area.

The boy was struck in the arm and leg by stray buckshot. All reports indicate the child will make a full recovery.

State statistics reflect those in Florence and Marion counties, as most hunting-related shooting incidents, are not prosecuted.

Hunting-related injuries and deaths in South Carolina fall into two main
categories: tree stand and firearms-related incidents. Here are statistics for the past three years:

>> 2013: 10 incidents — Three tree stand falls and seven firearms incidents.
>> Two fatal firearms-related incidents.
>> 2012: 41 incidents — 22 firearms-related and 19 tree stand. One
>> firearms incident resulted in death, as did one tree stand.
>> 2011: 25 incidents — 16 firearms-related and nine tree stand. One
>> fatal firearms-related incidents; four fatal tree stand incidents.
Source: SCDNR


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