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The sun had already set when Austyn Adamko, out elk hunting with friends, shot what he thought was a young elk.

He called his father at 7:43 p.m. — the cut-off time for legal hunting — and told him he needed help field dressing the animal. He soon realized he had actually shot a fellow hunter, 23-year-old Jordan Darchuk.

Adamko’s father and brother arrived and performed CPR on Darchuk, but the man died from a single gunshot wound to the right side of his chest. Adamko, then 22, was charged with criminal negligence causing death, but pleaded guilty in February to careless use of a firearm and unauthorized possession of a firearm.

He gave police his .300 Winchester magnum rifle. Adamko did not have a Possession and Acquisition Licence because he didn’t know he had to have one, according to an agreed statement of facts heard in Melfort provincial court on Monday.

Both Prince Albert men were hunting, separately, south of Weirdale, Sask. on Sept. 16, 2017. Darchuk — wearing a red bunnyhug and camouflage backpack with shooting sticks that came up above his head — had just finished for the day and was walking through a field when he was shot, according to facts stated in court.

Court heard Adamko stopped his truck after he and a friend saw a cow elk in the same field. They lost sight of the animal, used an elk bugle in hopes of luring it back and then noticed something moving. Adamko’s friend peered through his binoculars and said it was a “spiker” — or young elk. Adamko looked through his rifle scope and agreed, firing the shot from 214 metres away.

During his second interview, Adamko told police “there was tension there to make the shot before it was too late.” He said he believed there was enough light to see what was in the field.

Police officers re-created the scene on three separate occasions. They used the same gun to sight an officer dressed similarly to Darchuk, from the same distance and when the sun was in the same position as when Adamko fired the shot.

All three officers said they could clearly tell they were looking at a person.

One of Adamko’s lawyers, Brian Pfefferle, said the defence argued for a 90-day jail sentence while the Crown argued for a sentence of one and a half years.

Adamko has been out of custody since his arrest in December 2017, Pfefferle confirmed on Monday.write my essay


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