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Please Help North Carolina’s Black Bears


The NC Wildlife Commission is accepting comments on their black bear hunting rules.  Please send comments even if you don’t live in NC as tourism is a major source of income in NC.

The email address for comments is:

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Dear Members of the NC Wildlife Commission:

Please enter into the record, and consider my comments on the proposed changes to the state’s black bear hunting rules.

As someone with an interest in wildlife protection who believes that needless violence against wildlife is something that should not be expanded, I absolutely and without exception oppose any changes that would allow extending the hunting season, increasing bag limits, and shooting bears in a baited area.

Hunters already have fifty-eight days to hunt black bears in North Carolina, and this is fifty-eight days too many.  Black bears are not a threat to a healthy forest, to human safety, or to the well being of other wildlife species, and killing them for recreation is something that the NC Wildlife Commission should find shameful if it is to have us believe that it works in the best interests of wildlife.

Rather than expanding hunting opportunities when the sport is mired in irreversible attrition, the commission should be doing all it can to protect native wildlife species and establish more opportunities for wildlife watching – the most popular wildlife-related outdoor activity in North Carolina and in all fifty states.



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