New Derry hunter gets heavy fine for poaching trophy buck

June 4, 2011

A Derry Township man has been ordered to pay thousands of dollars in fines after being found guilty of poaching a trophy-class buck just two years after a similar conviction.

Corey Enos, 21, of New Derry was found guilty of unlawfully killing or taking of big game and unlawfully hunting while his license was revoked. He was assessed nearly $7,600 in fines and court costs.

The charges were filed by Westmoreland County Wildlife Conservation Officer Brian Singer after an investigation that began on March 14.

“We received an anonymous tip stating Mr. Enos had harvested a trophy deer in October,” Singer said. “Deputy WCO Bob Dempsey and I knew that Enos was on revocation from a previous violation and found that the deer was taken to a local taxidermist.”

Dempsey said while at the taxidermist shop, officers discovered the antlers and evidence that led to the filing of charges against Enos.

“The deer, a non-typical 11-point buck, scored over 125 points using the Boone and Crockett measuring system, making this deer a ‘trophy-class’ buck and subject to enhanced penalties under the Game and Wildlife Code,” he said.

During a hearing on Tuesday, Derry Township District Judge Mark Bilik ordered Enos to pay fines of $1,000 for killing the deer and $1,500 for hunting while on revocation. Additionally, Bilik ordered Enos to pay $5,000 in replacement costs for the deer in accordance with the Game and Wildlife Code because it was classified as a trophy-class animal. Fines, penalties and court costs total $7,592.

Singer noted that Enos also faces the loss of his hunting and trapping privileges for an additional eight years, as he was on revocation for a poaching incident in 2009.

“This was a good, solid investigation conducted by our officers and illustrates the importance of good information from the public,” said Game Commission Southwest Region Director Pat Anderson. “The increased penalties for game law violators created by the passage of Act 54 last year have finally brought some measure of justice for these crimes against wildlife.” .


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