A bear, shot illegally by a Springettsbury Township, Pennsylvania, man, suffered for nearly a week before being found and humanely euthanized. According to the York Dispatch, the grievously wounded bear was near death by the time that a Springettsbury Township officer discovered him laying in a grassy area near a roadway.

In fact, the wounded bear could not even move. The officer noted that he was “obviously suffering.” As it turns out, the bear had been suffering with horrific injuries for an agonizing six days.

The man responsible for the cruel situation is identified as Milton Donald Miller; Miller has pleaded guilty to a first-degree summary offense of unlawful taking or possession of game or wildlife. He admitted to shooting the bear on the night of Sept. 14 – the bear was not found and put out of his misery until Sept. 20.

The heartbreaking criminal act resulted in a fine of $1,500 – which Miller has paid.


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