Delegate Frank Hargrove
General Assembly Bldg.
Richmond, Va.

Dear Delegate Hargrove:

I am horrified at and can’t believe the extreme opposition being made against all legislation in the General Assembly relating to the welfare of animals in this state by the Virginia Hunting Dogs Association. This legislation is vitally needed to help the animals in this state and to reduce overpopulation of pets, WHICH IS A MAJOR PROBLEM IN MANY AREAS OF THIS STATE.

For this organization to insinuate we are trying to get our foot in the door to stop hunting is utterly ridiculous, unwarranted and totally unjustified. We have been fighting for this type of legislation for years with only the animals in mind. I have never heard in any animal welfare alert or information put out by our groups this is being done to stop hunting.

I know for a fact how many hunters abuse their animals, abandoning them, barely feeding them correctly. My mother raised English and Irish setters decades ago and sold a few to hunters. When she found out how they treated the dogs she sold them to she stopped selling to hunters.

Are these most uncompassionate individuals worried they will have to pay more to keep their animals well and regulated and too lazy to implement the proposed regulations? Knowing the facts about hunting, I am afraid they are.

Why are they afraid we will get our foot in the door? Why are they afraid the students will learn the truth about hunting and kind treatment of animals? This seems like evolution vs creationism. The evolutionists are afraid of the truth the way the hunters are afraid of the truth.

Therefore, I urge for the sake of all animals everywhere, whether they are game species or not, that you disregard the insane opposition to these very humane and necessary pieces of legislation being raised by the Virginia Hunting Dog Owners Association.

Most sincerely,

Richard W. Firth


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