January 9, 2019

From KUTV.com

What started out as a potential love match turned out to be a bust, literally. An Oklahoma woman went on a dating website and started a chat with a game warden, though she didn’t know his profession at the time. The woman shared with the warden that she was excited about illegally shooting a “bigo buck” during a hunting outing.

That got the attention of Oklahoma Game Warden Cannon Harrison — because the woman admitted using a spotlight to shoot the dear at night — and used a rifle outside the season where rifles can be used to hunt deer. What’s more, the woman only harvested the head and back-strap meat — a no-no.

And when the warden asked, she sent along pictures of her with her illegally obtained prey. The woman — who wasn’t identified — has pleaded guilty to charges of improper possession of an illegally taken animal and taking game out-of-season. She and an accomplice face $2,400 fines.


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