March 1, 2015


• An interpreter was required to interview a man who said he had been shopping with his wife during the time he was seen snagging a muskie at the Alum Creek Reservoir spillway and driving off with it in his car. The $160 fine and court costs imposed at Delaware Municipal Court had clear meaning in any language.

• A deer hunter in Summit County was reminded that Ohio regulations require the purchase of a permit before the killing of a deer, not hours after the animal is dispatched. A fine and court costs totaling $200 helped reinforce that message.

• As wildlife officers watched, a couple of hunters each shot down a non-game bird that was flying over a field at Deer Creek Wildlife Area on the opening day of dove season. The officers handed each hunter his case of mistaken identity, along with a citation to appear in court for shooting what he shouldn’t have.

• Two novice hunters in Ottawa County told an officer that their unfamiliarity with waterfowl hunting was why they had killed two small ducks on the opening day of early Canada goose season. As he handed out citations for shooting ducks during a closed season, the officer suggested that a reading of the waterfowl regulations pamphlet would clear up any confusion on when it would be legal to shoot ducks. The officer also suggested that they might want to learn the difference between a duck and a goose.

• One of the two wild turkey hunters in Paulding County poured a bag of cracked corn into a feeder near their ground blind as part of their preparation for the spring morning’s hunt. Meant to attract male turkeys but with baiting being illegal, the corn display brought not gobblers but instead a visit from a watching wildlife officer with a court summons.

• Three men fishing, one shared fishing pole and not a single fishing license among them at Quarry Park landed each $188 in fines and costs in a Marion County courtroom. One of the three earned a bonus visit with Marysville police when a warrant for his arrest turned up.


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