January 7, 2015

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[NOTE from CASH: My guess is that this many violations occur each day, but these are the only ones the DEC managed to catch during the entire year in Region 5. Is that a problem with too few agents to enforce the law, too few agents being willing to enforce the law, or both?]

NY DEC Officers Arrest, Charge 152 People in 2014 Hunting Season

ALBANY, N.Y. – The New York State DEC issued their 2014 hunting season report for Region 5.

Conservation officers charged 152 individuals with a total of 270 total charges. The charges included 91 misdemeanors and 179 violations. The breakdown of the charges include:

44 charges pertaining to the illegal taking of big game (m);
10 possession of firearm during bow or muzzleloader season (m);
8 discharges within 500 feet of a dwelling (m);
3 Criminal possession of a weapon 4th (m);
31 firearms related charges (loaded gun in a motor vehicle, shooting from
roadway) (m and v);
81 tickets related to tagging, reporting and licensing (v);
39 charges for hunting with bait or placing salt (v);
30 trespass on posted property (v);
6 spotlighting (4 m, 2 v); and
4 loaded crossbows in a motor vehicle (v).

The DEC says majority of the 35 illegally taken deer, were donated to area food banks.


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