A hunter was ticketed recently by state conservation officers for killing a deer in Connecticut and bringing the carcass over the N.Y state line to his brother’s shed in violation of this state’s Chronic Wasting Disease regulations.

The incident was reported in the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s weekly report of incidents involving state conservation officers. All information below was supplied by the DEC.

Connecticut Deer Seized to Protect Against CWD Spread – Dutchess County

“On Dec. 4, a DEC environmental conservation officer (ECO) questioned a hunter about details of a buck he had posted on a social media site. The hunter reported that the deer was harvested in Connecticut, just over the state border, and brought the ECO to the deer hanging in his brother’s shed about a mile way.

“The deer was hanging in the shed, replete with a Connecticut Deer tag and half gutted. THE ECO informed the hunter of DEC’s Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) regulations that prohibit the transportation of white-tailed deer in this condition to New York State. The ECO gave the hunter a summons and took the deer to be incinerated.

“In addition to following up on tips like this one provided to DEC, ECOs are conducting checkpoints this hunting season on roadways in communities along the state border to help keep Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) out of New York.


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