An Ulster man paid $605 in fines and surcharges after he admitted to baiting and illegally hunting deer.

Ulster County resident Robert Nelson, of Esopus, was charged with the misdemeanor of illegally taking a deer and a violation of hunting with the aid of bait in November 2019, after the state Department of Environmental Conservation received a tip, the state DEC said on Thursday, Jan. 9.

After receiving the tip, EC Officer Jeannette Bastedo responded to the area, that was known to be baited in the past, and located a pile of feed approximately 15 yards from a tree stand, as well as a blood trail that started less than four feet from the bait pile.

Bastedo followed the blood trail, found a pair of gloves left in the woods, and collected the gloves for DNA purposes, the department said.

Armed with this evidence, Bastedo and Officer Lucas Palmateer interviewed Nelson about his hunt on Nov. 5.

At first, Nelson told the officers that he didn’t know the bait was there until he was dragging the deer out.

Eventually, he admitted he had placed the bait in the area approximately one week before his hunt in order to attract deer.

After reaching a civil compromise, Nelson was ordered to pay fines. The deer was seized and donated.

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