A Summerlin man was out hiking when his dog stepped on a baited trap. He believes it was meant to catch coyotes.

He shared the scary encounter only with FOX5.

“This was less than one foot off the trail,” the man said as he showed the trap that caught his dog.

He asked FOX5 to hide his face, but he couldn’t hide his emotions.

“Fury,” he said. “At first I was shaking. The trap was buried. There was a tuna can with some meat in it, which was right beside it.”

The man and his four-legged friend were walking a busy trail behind the Far Hills community in Summerlin. He said his dog stepped on the edge of it so it bounced up and caught his leg.

“These don’t come off easily,” he said. “They’re very hard to get off especially when your dog is yelping, crying and trying to bite his own leg. It was chaos for a few seconds.”

The dog owner found three more traps that day.

“It’s a terrible way to catch coyotes,” he said. “We should be way past that in terms of humanity.”

Neighbors know coyotes are common in the area, but trail lovers like Crystal Forbes said a trap like that isn’t the solution.

“A dog could’ve stepped in that, a friend could’ve, I could’ve, my daughter could’ve,” Forbes said.

In Nevada, trapping is legal on public land and allowed with permission on private land. But according to the Nevada Department of Wildlife, baiting those traps anywhere is not legal.


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