October 30, 2015

From NJ1015.com

Robert Ehling, 78, said that last October, a 300 pound bear showed up early one morning on his back deck trying to get at a bag of birdseed behind the sliding glass door. With a shotgun in his hand, he went outside to try and shoo the bear away, he said. Instead, the bear turned its head and looked at Ehling, who fired his weapon, he said. The bear fell over the railing, he said.

He went to look over the railing and saw a second bear climbing onto the deck and he shot at that bear as well, Ehling said. Then a third bear showed up and let out a roar and Ehling shot that bear as well, he said.

Despite Ehling’s explanation to police, he was issued four tickets, each with a $100 fine, for hunting out of season and hunting near a home, according to the report.

“I assure you I was not hunting, ” said Ehling’s, who would like to see all charges dropped. “Taking bears out of season. That’s nonsense. Somebody who’s protecting his own house, that’s bulls–t to put someone through this.”

Ehling said he is a former hunter and still enjoys fishing.

He said he will not take a deal and plead guilty to something he didn’t do.
The case will be heard at the end of November.

Larry Hajna, spokesman for the New Jersey Division of Fish and Game, said “The cubs don’t leave their mother until they are at least a year old.” The bears were likely looking for food and will generally move on if they don’t find any food.


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