April 10, 2015

From WFMYNews2.com

David Harville’s experience with his Barnett Jackal crossbow in September appears to be common. The tip of his thumb was in the pathway of the crossbow’s drawstring, which fires an arrow at 325 feet per second. He was hunting in the woods in his home state of Indiana. His thumb “was cut down to the bone,” Harville told News 8.

“I was losing quite a bit of blood, so I had to put the thumb back over, wrap it in the shirt, and go to the emergency room,” he said. “And it was about half an hour in the woods.”

David Reynolds in Virginia was hunting with his six-year-old son when he said his crossbow fired and sliced the tip of his thumb.

“So I looked and my thumb was hanging off,” Reynolds told News 8. “‘Daddy, it does’t look good,'” his son told him. “‘There’s blood everywhere.'”

Brad Kizzia, who represents eight hunters suing Barnett who’ve lost or damaged their thumbs, said the issue is simple.


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