Lewis & Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton said in a Facebook post on Friday that an injured hiker was rescued southeast of Lincoln. Sheriff Dutton said the Dispatch Center received a call at 1:40 pm from Daniel Barrett Cogbill, a 34-year old man from Great Falls. Cogbill said he was on the side of a cliff bow hunting when he fell and heard his right lower leg snap. Lewis & Clark County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, Lincoln Ambulance, and Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the area of the Granite Butte Lookout. Emergency crews found his vehicle just south of the lookout at 2:57 p.m., and after comparing the coordinates of the 911 call to where his vehicle was, they found him over an embankment about 50 yards from his vehicle. Sheriff Dutton said it is rough terrain, but rescuers were able to walk among the rocks to him. They stabilized his leg and carried him out to an emergency vehicle. The road was not passable for the ambulance, so he was taken to the ambulance lower down the mountain and transferred to the ambulance. Sheriff Dutton said Cogbill thanked the crews for getting him out so quickly; Dutton told him they had been told he was on the side of a cliff, so they had the high-angle rescue unit on the way and a helicopter on standby, but they were able to walk to him. Cogbill told the Sheriff, “You gotta remember, I’m from Arkansas and that was a cliff to me.” He was taken to St. Peter’s Hospital for further treatment.


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