August 16, 2014


MISSISSIPPI – Peter Jesunas, 32, pleaded guilty to taking illegally harvested wildlife pelts out of Mississippi. He was fined $10,000 and ordered not to hunt or trap anywhere worldwide for three years while on probation. He was also ordered to forfeit the 354 pelts to the state of Wisconsin.

While barred from buying a license because of previous wildlife-related offenses, Jesunas illegally trapped 14 gray foxes, 88 raccoons, 16 bobcats,
20 muskrats, 25 otters, 10 coyotes and 181 beavers.

He took the pelts back to Wisconsin to sell them, enlisting his brother, Patrick Jesunas, to buy a Mississippi trapper’s license. That was done so Peter Jesunas could obtain tags regulating trade in endangered species required to take bobcat and otter skins out of Mississippi.

Patrick Jesunas pleaded guilty earlier and was fined $1,500.


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