February 20, 2015

From Page2 Publications.com

– Eric Benjamin took enforcement for angler without license in possession, and possessing an unmeasurable walleye.

– Hannah Cowden nabbed a fisherman for having no angling license in possession, angling with extra lines, angling with unattended lines, possession of unmeasurable fish, possession of dressed fillets, illegal length walleye, and failure to display registration and identification for ice shelter.

– Nicholas Prachar reported that enforcement action was taken for angling with extra lines.

– Jeremy Woinarowicz located an unchecked trap and charges are pending for fail to check traps and unlawfully setting body gripping trap. Other enforcement action included no angling license in possession.

– Demosthenes Regas encountered violations including angling with extra lines, unattended lines, possession of illegal length walleye, possession of fillets on the ice and angling license violations.


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