October 6, 2014

From WNDU.com

Michigan man has pleaded guilty in a deer-poaching case that occurred in September in Montcalm County and is the first case of a violation meeting the new enhanced sentencing guidelines for poaching that became law in Michigan earlier this year.

On Sept. 21, Michigan DNR conservation officers responded to a complaint involving an adult who allegedly killed two trophy white-tailed deer during the 2014 Youth Hunt while acting as a mentor to an 8-year-old hunter. Jacob Powers, 25, of Lowell, Michigan, was arraigned Oct. 3 on the charge of killing two white-tailed deer during the closed season.

Powers entered a plea of guilty to the charge and was sentenced. He was assessed $335 in fines and costs, $12,000 in restitution for payment to the state’s Fish and Game Protection Fund, and five days mandatory minimum jail time to be served as community service. In addition, Powers now faces up to five years of hunting license revocations in Michigan and 41 other states that participate in the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact. Powers has yet to appear on charges in Ionia County for littering.


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