March 5, 2015


OTSEGO COUNTY — A Jackson County man is scheduled to be arraigned sometime in the next few weeks after admitting to illegally killing an elk in the Pigeon River State Forest.

Lt. Jim Gorno, conservation officer at the DNR, said his agency was alerted of this poaching case in Otsego County, after elk entrails from the feet, head and hide of an elk were found on the side of the road Nov. 29.

Authorities were led to a man who knew the person responsible for the killing.

“This was definitely intentional, not an accident,” he said. “The man was deer hunting, decided he wasn’t seeing enough deer, so he shot the elk and butchered it.”

If convicted, he could face fines of up to $2,500, restitution to the state of up to $1,500, loss of the firearm used in the incident and loss of hunting privileges for up to three years.

Gorno said the DNR started off 2015 with six elk poaching cases and have solved three with the conclusion of this latest investigation.


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