A Tekit resident who went out to hunt deer died on Tuesday, December 8th, when he was shot by his hunting partner who mistook him for prey.

The hunter died holding his shotgun, his hunting companion that gave him so much satisfaction throughout his life.

He was identified as PC, 50 years old, better known as “El Perico.” He was hunting with EWYZ, 41 years old.

Both of them left for a night hunt in the mountains near the Mérida-Chetumal highway, in the area corresponding to the municipality of Tekit (Telchaquillo-Tekit stretch).

In the dark, the youngest mistook his partner for prey and shot him. The man died at the scene.

The partner notified and turned himself in with the police, but the family of the deceased granted him forgiveness. There were no witnesses, as there were only the two of them hunting out there.

The body of the deceased was identified by his wife.


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