December 21, 2015


PARIS — A judge set bail at $10,000 cash Monday for a Paris man who is facing his tenth charge of operating a vehicle under the influence.

Andrew Bean, 51, has been arrested twice on OUI charges since Nov. 21, the second arrest coming just days after an Oxford County Grand Jury issued an indictment chargingBean with felony OUI, being a felon in possession of a firearm and fraudulently obtaining a Mainefirearms hunting license.

Under state law, felons are also prohibited from holding a firearm hunting license.

Bean had previously been arrested by the Maine Warden Service on Nov. 21 as wardens were investigating trespass complaints in the vicinity of Christian Ridge and Stock Farm roads in Paris.

Smith wrote that wardens were performing a trespass enforcement detail on Nov. 21 in response to complaints by Bean’s neighbors, including Troy Ripley, when Warden Tony Gray arrested Bean for OUI.

In 2006, Ripley’s 18-year-old daughter, Megan Ripley, was shot and killed in a fatal hunting incident, and Andrew Bean’s brother, Timothy Bean, was charged and pleaded guilty to manslaughter, admitting he had mistaken Megan Ripley for a deer when he pulled the trigger on the muzzle-loading gun he was using.

“In the years since the fatal hunting incident on the Ripley property, the Bean family has continued to ignore no trespassing signs and warnings from Troy Ripley and they continue to hunt across his land and antagonize his family,” Smith wrote in his report.

During the Nov. 21 arrest, the wardens found Andrew Bean was also in possession of a 12-gauge shotgun and had illegally obtained a Maine resident hunting license, according to Smith’s report.


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