February 25, 2015

From FrederickNewsPost.com

For the Violations page – MD

Natural Resources Police issued 86 warnings and citations specifically
related to hunters of white-tailed deer during the height of the season from Sept. 1 to Jan. 31, according to statistics compiled by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

While lower than last season’s total of 110 violations, the latest season’s totals were still higher than in previous years. The reason is largely thanks to steady recruitment efforts by Natural Resources Police in Western Maryland, typically the busiest hunting region.

“This year, we have seven officers and a supervisor for Frederick (County) alone, so our citations and warnings are through the roof” said Lt. Steven Muse, the Area 7 commander.

The department’s violation totals agree with Muse’s assertion that citations and warnings vary depending on the number of officers he can put in the field.


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