January 19, 2011

Convicted oyster, crab poacher arrested again

John Hunter Haddaway, 23, of Tilghman, was arrested on Monday by Natural Resourcers Police and charged with poaching from an oyster sanctuary.

Officers watched Haddaway dredging for oysters just before noon approximately five miles northwest of Crisfield, within the Tangier Sound Oyster Sanctuary. They seized 12 bushels of oysters from Haddaway’s boat and returned them to the sanctuary.

Since 2005, Haddaway has been charged eight times with natural resources violations. He has been found guilty of harvesting crabs and oysters without a license, dredging in a restricted area and harvesting undersized oysters on two separate occasions. Two charges–overharvesting oysters and failing to display his Tidal Fish ID on his boat–are set for trial in Somerset District Court on March 10.

He is scheduled to be back in Somerset District Court on March 31 on the latest charge.


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