September 14, 2011


USDOJ: Louisiana Brothers Plead Guilty and Are Sentenced for Knowingly Killing Protected Alligators

WASHINGTON— Two Louisiana brothers pleaded guilty today and were sentenced in United States District Court in Baton Rouge, La ., for Lacey Act violations for their role in illegally killing American Alligators in violation of the federal Endangered Species Act and Louisiana law, the Department of Justice Environment and Natural Resources Division announced.

According to statements made in court, in October 2005 and in September 2006, Clint Martinez, 44, a licensed alligator hunter, and his brother, Michael Martinez, 47, a licensed alligator helper, guided out-of-state alligator sport hunters who were clients of an outfitter, to areas for which they did not have appropriate state authorization to hunt. In October 2005, the sport hunter clients killed a 10 foot, two-inch trophy-sized alligator.

In September 2006, the sport hunter clients killed a 10 foot trophy-sized alligator and a 12 foot, six-inch trophy-sized alligator.

The Martinez brothers, both of Plaquemine, La ., were sentenced to serve a three year term of probation during which they will be prohibited from hunting as follows: for one year of the probation the defendants will be prohibited from engaging worldwide in all hunting activities, including guiding, with any kind of weapon; for the remaining two years of probation the defendants will be prohibited from engaging worldwide in all commercial alligator hunting activities, including guiding. In addition, each defendant will pay a $5,000 fine, serve 200 hours of community service, and publish a statement in a newspaper setting forth a brief summary of the offense and its potential penalties, and apologizing for their illegal conduct.


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