January 10, 2014

From DailyJournal.net

LIBERTY, Mississippi — Two Louisiana men have pleading guilty to dumping deer carcasses into an Amite County stream.

Authorities said Kent Daigle, 52, and Charles Waters, 45, both of Lake Charles, Louisiana, were arrested Dec. 21 after the animals were found in a creek near the west fork of the Amite River in southwest Mississippi.

Both men spent two nights in jail and were freed on cash bonds of $4,498 for Daigle and $1,944 for Waters. Authorities also seized three guns.

Justice Court Judge Roger Arnold ordered both men to perform community service.

Though the men lost their driver’s licenses for a year, they can attend driving classes and get them back after 90 days.

Daigle was charged with pollution of water, littering, possession of marijuana, open container of alcohol, first-offense driving under the influence of a substance other than alcohol, trespassing, seat belt violation and hunting from a public road.

Waters was charged with littering, possession of a controlled substance, pollution of water, seat belt violation and trespassing.

On Wednesday, the men pleaded guilty to most of the charges. They did not have attorneys representing them.

Arnold ordered Waters to perform community service in Amite County for the next 15 Saturdays.

Arnold sentenced Daigle to six months, suspended after seven days in jail, followed by 12 months reporting probation. Since Daigle had already spent two nights in jail, Arnold said he would only have to serve five.


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