Zoe Brought So Much Joy and was Part of the Family

Yesterday, “regular deer season” started with firearms in the lower part of NYS. As I listen to the shots this morning and imagine the victims who will suffer and die, I think of Zoe whose story is below. How precious and personal deer are for so many. The public is kept at a distance from wildlife by those who have turned them into targets to keep the bloody business of hunting going.

Please know that your gift this holiday season will help C.A.S.H. to do more.

Anne Muller, C.A.S.H.

The Wildlife Watch hotline number (877-WILDHELP) brings in many calls and connects us with wildlife lovers all over the country and, once in awhile, with people outside of the country.

In the spring, Evalle called Wildlife Watch from Georgia for help and moral support for her care of a little fawn. Over the months, we’ve stayed in touch, Evalle has given us photographic updates of the little deer who came to be known as “Zoe.”

Evalle wrote:

Anne, Just a note to tell you that Zoe decided to wean herself from the bottle. It all happened so quick! Two days in a row she missed two feedings and the third day she refused the bottle altogether (boo-hoo).

She still comes a couple of times a day for an apple and to play with Lady and then she’s gone. She is healthy and doesn’t depend on us for food, so I guess, mission accomplished. I have hundreds of photos of her in the wild if you want any; just let me know. Thank you for your help and encouragement. Always, Evalle.

Zoe’s Story to Date

A doe (Zoe’s mom) was dead in a ditch, and nearby a fawn was tangled up in barbed wire. When Evalle first found Zoe in the spring, she called the Wildlife Watch hotline. As you can see Zoe was kept alive and healthy with TLC from humans, dogs and cats. Evalle reported that Zoe has now joined a doe and her fawn and rarely comes to visit anymore, but she still appears to be healthy and happy. We pray for her during this hunting season in GA.


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