What We’ve Been Up To:

On May 22nd Peter spoke at a panel regarding AETA (the Animal Enterprise Terrorism ACT) at the New York City Bar Association.

Later in July Peter attended two animal rights conferences AR2007 in Los Angeles, California this year.

Peter was presenting at several forums on “The Ineffectualness of Hunting as a Wildlife Management Tool,” “Non-Lethal Control of so-called ‘Nuisance-Animals'” and “Encouraging Wildlife Watching as an Economic Alternative to the Perceived Economic Benefit of Hunting .”

He showed a video on canned hunting to a full audience. The impact of that video on the audience (about 75% attending their first AR conference) evoked a lot of concern for the victims of this abuse

The second conference, “Taking Action For Animals” took place in Washington later in July. Peter was tabling for C.A.S.H.

Since our last newsletter, C.A.S.H. has produced more than 130 letters to newspapers to educate the public in 39 states, on issues ranging from the connection between hunting and violence toward people, humane Canada goose population control, living with coyotes and other wildlife, and the connection between hunting interests and the weapons industry.

We’ve given our support to groups in Nevada, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, some of which you will read about in this issue.

We continue to update our famous hunting accidents page at

If you become aware of accidents, please send to Joe Miele at AskUncleJoe@hotmail.com. The page brings in myriad requests for removal by people mentioned in the reports, and occasional verbal abuse and threats, such as the following:

The letter below tells the story:
Mrs. Joyce Becker, Principal
Birch Lane Elementary School
41 Birch Lane
Massapequa Park, NY 11762

Dear Mrs. Becker:
The Directors of Wildlife Watch Inc. and the Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese are highly impressed with the four students of Birch Lane Elementary School for their innovative, humane solution to a human-wildlife conflict.

Their super goose pooper scooper does what they intended: to “get rid of the poop, not the geese.”

These humane students have made another great discovery since the one in 1492. Just as Columbus proved the world is round and not flat, they have proven that it’s the poop and not the geese that need to be removed. Their innovation will lead to a new thinking about resolving wildlife conflicts. It’s clear that belief in themselves and their goals came from great heart. Our organizations and no doubt the geese wish them the very best in winning the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation award.

Please find enclosed four checks for $250 each, made out to the sixth-graders Arielle, Cassandra, Grace, and Nicolette for their determination and intelligence, and $300 to their instructor, Mr. Brian Mulcahy.

We also congratulate Birch Lane Elementary School for engendering humane innovation.

Anne Muller, President
Wildlife Watch Inc.

Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese
Contact: Sharon Pawlak, spawlak44@earthlink.net 

Wildlife Watch has helped hundreds of animals during a busy season of wildlife calls by kind people who want to help. Our national hotline number is catching on and we are able to help people across the country to find rehabbers nearby. Needless to say it is a costly venture, but we feel well worth it. Especially when we hear that the animal has been saved thanks to the contact we made.


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