In a recent Washington Post article by Libby Quaid on Sept. 9th, Wildlife Services, often referring to itself as the USDA (of which it is a division) is exposed for its wildlife killing mission.

Wildlife Services killed, primarily via poisons, more than 2.7 million animals in 2004.

Birds constitute most of the animals poisoned.

Someone calculated that Wildlife Services kills more than five animals per minute.

The toll on ecosystems by this one agency is described as “jawdropping.”

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that using poison to kill wildlife will also take a toll on “non-target” species as well.

And if the government doesn’t get them, the farmers will: Another recent article is titled: Hundreds of Dead Geese are Found in Oregon

Lab tests showed the birds had a high level of zinc phosphide, a poison used to kill mice, They say there is speculation that it’s the “misuse” [quotes are ours] of rodenticide.

Grass-seed farmers spread it out and it is mixed with the grain as a bait on their fields for mice.

[Rodent poisons are also being sold in dollar stores now. One local store has devoted two entire racks to the cheap poisons!]


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