The U.S. President Speaks Against Illegal Guns, Says, In Effect, Hunters are Angels

By Ann Muller, Wildlife Watch

C.A.S.H. has listened incredulously over the years as alleged “anti-gun” proponents constantly support hunting while they try to split allegiance to the NRA. Yet, hunters are the smaller part of the NRA and they will solidly stick with the NRA on any legislation that tries to inject any sanity into the present gun laws (or lack thereof).

Once again, we have to point out the why and wherefore of hunting’s connection to crime and other gun use, and reiterate that until hunting’s connection to the firearms industry is severered, the problems of guns will NOT go away.

We urge you to read our previous articles that describe in detail how the funding works. One such article can be seen here – Hunting Needs to be Part of the Gun Debate.

While game agencies declare that hunters pay for wildlife conservation and foot their bills, an investigation is needed into BOW’s portion of the state’s General Fund and what percentage of their income it constitutes. The analysis should include salaries for staff at all levels, outreach costs, transportation, use of products, legal services, printing services, public relations, etc. all done for less that 5% of the population, the hunters.


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