The Avella-Mayer Bill

BILL NUMBER: A6519-S3327

SPONSORS: Mayer-Avella

TITLE OF BILL: An act to amend the environmental conservation law, in relation to qualifications for individuals designated or appointed to the conservation fund advisory board.

PURPOSE OR GENERAL IDEA OF THE BILL: To make optional the requirement that all members of the Conservation Fund Advisory Board possess a valid hunting, trapping, or fishing license.

SUMMARY OF PROVISIONS: Section 1 of the bill establishes that a valid New York hunting, fishing or trapping license may be sufficient to meet appointment or designation requirements, but that such a license is not required.

Section 2 sets forth an immediate effective date.

JUSTIFICATION: Section 1, paragraph b of subdivision 1 of section 11-0327 of the environmental conservation law currently states that a person designated or appointed to the advisory board must demonstrate a “long-standing inter-est, knowledge, and experience in fish and wildlife management.” As the law is written, the appointee or designee can only satisfy these requirements if they have a valid New York hunting, fishing, or trapping license.

While such a hunting, fishing, or trapping license may indicate long-standing interest, knowledge, and experience in fish and wildlife management, the law excludes from appointment or designation a wide variety of individuals with ample experience in wildlife management who, simply because they lack such a license, may not sit on the board.

The purpose of the conservation fund advisory board is to make recommendations to state agencies on state government plans, policies, and programs affecting fish and wildlife. These broad and important goals can be more adequately met by making the mandatory hunting, fishing, or trapping license requirement discretionary, thereby diversifying the board with appointees and designees of equally substantial interest, knowledge, and experience beyond the scope of hunting, fishing, or trapping.

We are grateful to Tony Avella and Shelly Mayer for introducing this bill!



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