Some of What We’ve Been Up to Since the Last Newsletter

  • Taped an interview for a University of Florida. Questions included hunting and trapping to “protect” ranchers; Hunting as population control.
  • Added 2874 additional hunting accidents to the database
  • Added 46 hunting violations to the website
  • Tabled at Southern NM Pride Fall Fest
  • Letter to the Conway Daily Sun (Conway, NH) responding to a hunter’s claiming that hunting is safe and humane.
  • Letter to the Buffalo News about the dangers of Coyote Trapping
  • Letter to the Buffalo News to Ban Trapping on Grand Island. (Read the letter in the Wildlife Watch Binocular)
  • Answered inquiries through our Facebook page on topics ranging from deer breeding farms to humane live-trapping in order to prevent yard and garden damage.
  • Provided information to a large animal rights organization on hunting accidents. They wanted C.A.S.H.’s input for an article they are doing.


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