SCOTUS Does Not Take Up Jan Haagensen’s Petition

Jan had submitted a brilliant petition to the Supreme Court of the US,  asking the Court to hear her challenge to the Pennsylvania hunter harassment statute.  This petition was denied a hearing and Jan is now appealing to the court to reconsider her petition.  Hunting is not a high priority item for this court.  In order to increase the chances that the court would take up the case, please contact the court through their website:

For a full background please visit:  and, from the home page ONLY, search for “Jan Haagensen”

Sadly, the public believes that wildlife management agencies are neutral and benign government bodies whose mission is to protect wildlife and operate with the public interest at heart.  That notion couldn’t be further from the truth.

Wildlife agencies are part and parcel of the firearms industry, benefiting directly from sales of firearms and ammunition at the expense of wild animals who – by law – belong to ALL. [Of course we know they belong to themselves.]


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