Reka’s Life-Saving Bandana

In the last issue of the C.A.S.H. Courier, we published a disturbing story about a hunter who severely wounded Reka, the  companion dog to veterinarian Lisa Berg.  Lisa wrote that she now has a website in honor of Reka.  She reports that Reka is doing great!

Reka before she was shot

On Reka’s website, there are bright orange dog bandanas that Dr. Berg designed to help offset some of the very costly legal fees she is incurring to go after the shooter.


Reka’s surgery

Lisa says, “I think they will make dogs be much more visible when out with their guardians, and I think they are much easier to slip on/off than the hunting vests our dogs now wear whenever they are off our property.  Who knows, maybe a life will be spared because of them!”
EDITOR’S NOTE: C.A.S.H. is happy that Lisa is doing much to bring awareness of the recklessness of hunters to public attention. We at C.A.S.H. do not believe that it’s okay to wound or kill a wild animal for whatever insipid reasons hunters have for killing and wounding.  Hunting should not be tolerated in a decent, normal society.

How about a bandana that reads “Justice For All Beings: Stop! Look! Don’t Shoot! I’m Sentient!”  We further hope there will be laws to sentence the people who commit brutal acts to very long terms in rehab.


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