Reintroduction or Introduction of Trumpeters?

Governor Cuomo at Savannah Dhu.

We do need legislators to understand that within the game bureau’s distorted view that animals have been put on this earth to be mere recipients of bullets and arrows, their need to introduce wildlife is of high importance. It allows them to receive more Pittman-Robertson funds.

The introduction of trumpeters has been a long time in the making. I recall being at the Flyway meeting in the mid-1990s at which they were gloating over an obscure citation that showed that a trumpeter had been discovered in the 1800s in NYS. It was the pathetically flimsy “proof” upon which they could justify managing wildlife for a reintroduction of a species allegedly native to New York State, rather than introducing a non-native species to NYS.

One of the possible areas for this introduction is Savannah Dhu, a canned hunt area privately owned by a mall developer, and large political contributor, in the Syracuse area of central NYS.


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