Peter’s Humor? – Summer 2011

C.A.S.H. apologizes if you are not amused.


A hunter calls his wife from hunting camp and urgently says, “Honey don’t buy any meat for the rest of the month.” She is thrilled and asks how many deer he’s bringing home. He explains, “Well, I didn’t really get any but I lost my whole social security check playing poker with the guys in hunting camp.”


A hunter was asked by a nature columnist, “Do you think that sometimes hunting dogs are more intelligent than their owners? ” He scratched his head and opined, “I’m pretty sure, mine is.”

A new hunter asked an experienced hunter “How do you successfully hunt bear?” The old hunter told him, “It’s real easy; you just find a big cave and stand outside it and whistle. When the bear comes out you shoot him.” A few weeks later they met again; this time the newbie hunter was all bandaged up and had a cast on both legs. The old hunter asked what had happened. The wannabe bear hunter explained. “I found this big cave; I stood in front of it and whistled; the next thing I know is I get hit by a train.”

After a day hunting Joe comes home late one night. In the morning his wife asks him “Did you shoot something?” “Yea!” he replies proudly. “Did you put what you got in the freezer?” Joe answered with some hesitation, “No, in the hospital.”


A hunter was sitting in a bar and heard nothing but dumb-hunter jokes. Irritated he spoke up, “Look here, I’m a hunter and I know the capitals of all 50 states – how dumb is that?’ Impressed, the bartender decided to put it to a test “What’s the capital of Arizona?” He thought for while, then his face lit up as he proudly exclaimed “A”.


Under what circumstance is it legal to shoot a hunter in the head? When you have a tire-pump to re-inflate it.


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